Battlestar Galactica 21 - Blackjack in Casino Royale


Just as a quick note/reminder, an XO to the good Doc gets us 4 cards in play and perhaps more importantly I have to share cards to use the ability so it helps the group. I can also get cards into players hands that they otherwise couldn’t draw so it can help distribute abilities (like repair cards or XOs)


Also, you shoot us in the head.


I got shot in the head last game! I am a doctor, I could never harm a patient’s health.


You guys get to start already? Boo.


We are following the Golden Path!


So good doc, say I get an xo and would use it on you which would be pretty risky. Would you be give me the four cards? @Lantz


<quickly checks top of thread sure I’m not playing New Angeles>


And all bookkeeping is done, all cards sent, and this ship is ready to bug out.

@jeffreyb you have the floor. Said floor not being on Galactica, however.


So, that concludes the Offer phase. On to the Support phase, @rho21.


Sure, early game I don’t have things I need to give out. Reminder - I can not use engineering cards so I will need to start sharing them.


while four cards could really help us i judge it a bit risky to xo next of me

i will xo (1) my good friend @soondifferent’, do some of that pilot cag stuff!

good to have you back! @Jorn_Weines

I want those supervipers online somewhere this jump


I’ll grab a fancy gold ship before Anders does, move to 5 and pew pew


cag power?


Sorry, wait, gotta refresh myself on CAG rules.

Edit: So in between moving to 5 and pew pew, I’ll use CAG powers and move a red shirt from 4 to 5


Imma stay on Galactica for now, draw some cards with my special.


Action 1 launch in 4, bonus move to 5.
Action 2 CAG to bring friend, then shoot.

Roll is 5, and

and here is our first crisis

President @rho21 since it is not your turn, you can pick


Holy crap, that is one way to start the game off!


Execute! Execute!


We have CAG Starbuck in both games.

I sense a contest.


Ours is winning. You hear that @CaseyRobinson ;)