Battlestar Galactica 21 - Blackjack in Casino Royale


New destiny but our toaster has 2 cards so we’re probably aiming for ~16 to be safe? I can contribute but would need substantial help. The fact that Anders and Helo has bowed out makes me nervous about our chances of success. Depends on the quality of the doc’s last shipment, I guess.


Destiny is 50/50 on this so that would make it the same as the roll?

The Cylon can only contribute 1 card though. But to be safely you would be aiming at 18 point?


Yeah, something like that. Not close to soloing this so the exact number doesn’t matter that much, but it’s a daunting check, that’s all.


I realize now that my next turn will not be as effective as I had hoped. Oh well.


Perhaps you’ll turn out to be my buddy and it will be good you weren’t too effective.
In fact I recommend everyone works under this assumption and doesn’t do too much to help the human side before the jump.


So another big question is if we are jumping on your turn or let the cylon have another turn with ships in our space.


I guess time will show, and I will know more when we’re done with this crisis. Jump at -3 is a bit risky, though?

Also @CraigM did we forget @jeffreyb’s drawback in the first turn? I guess the only fair thing to do is to reset the game and replay from that point ;)


I can do a lot of work here if @soondifferent can help a bit. We’ll do it.

Losing the civilian might make a jump harder to stomach.


So the check, then? Unless there’s any pre-check cards: Nothing from me @rho21.


yes the check, sorry, poorly phrased.


0 cards @soondifferent


2 cards @jeffreyb


1card @Lantz


3 Cards



Turns out I was trying to add a card I didn’t have. So just one for me. Wish us luck, Elosha!


Oh I do. The sort of -10 luck that only destiny can provide.


Things were tight. When radiation detectors picked up a signal the fleet mobilized immediately.

Leadership 4DE


But this was not going to be easy. The Admiral, determined to save what could be saved, immediately got on the comm network and implored the fleet to be tough, to endure what we must to provide a future.

Leadership 0IW



Then, his chief of Staff for the Presidency, immediately started working the back room deals to commondeer what resources they could to track this device.

Politics 5N



But just then a flight of Raiders buzzed in close, trying to isolate some civilian ships. Flight patterns were erratic and difficult to predict. These raiders seemed to be learning

Piloting 6BotB