Battlestar Galactica 21 - Blackjack in Casino Royale


So, an admiral holding 6 treachery or a new admiral holding no cards, and -1 morale. Probably.
Tempting as it is to try to find a cylon early on, surely we can’t afford to be throwing away morale just yet.

The cards. @CraigM


Ok, @jeffreyb your cards have been exchanged for a new set.

Basestar shoots… roll 1

Jump prep +1


wakes up

Well, the discards aren’t bad really (5points I think) . So only 6 treachery to get rid of…

Carry on


@Lantz your turn


I will discard Engineering 1R to move to Pegasus Batteries

I will then provide Treatment to Priestess Elosha to help her with the shock of her new position as humanity’s President (drawing 2 Leadership)

I think 3 fingers of bourbon and a 5 cigarettes an hour should do it.


For any card spreadsheet people I misspoke here, I draw Tactics not Leadership.


Hmm, seems our leaders loyalties are up for a test.


Because I’m sure no one will second guess @jeffreyb’s decision here


sickbay calling doc Cottle @CraigM


With you handing cards out any spreadsheet is going to be mighty difficult to get accurate


And I will draw a piloting card.

I abandoned all my attempts at keeping track of cards a long time ago.


Raiders attack

Roll 4,2

Jump prep +1


Well then time to let go, and go on with your things.


I will return an XO out of sickbay with cards


More birds in the air is good, I guess.

I will move to Command and launch 2 Vipers in area 4. Then I will use my special to play L2 XO on @Lantz. I think it is a bit too early to be completely paranoid.


@Jorn_Weines do you want Piloting or dealer’s choice?


Dealer’s Choice. But I’d rather have stuff I can use after activating a Galactica location.


Isn’t it more usefull to attack with viper.



@CraigM, I’ll launch one in Space 4 to speedbump and activate the one in Space 5. I didn’t notice that there was an empty one in 5.


I will move to Communications and the provide Treatment to @Jorn_Weines drawing 1 Leadership 1 Piloting.




Just to see if I have it all correct.

If I start my turn on a Galactica location that is not the Brig/Sickbay, I can take one more action after activating a Galactica location. So when I need to pilot stuff I can activate the Hangar and take two more actions that turn?

If that is the case then I should stockpile some Piloting cards (preferably Full Throttle, Doc Cottle)!