Battlestar Galactica 21b - Humanity and Cylons in Goldmember


Oh great, now I’ll have to risk everything to score more kills than alternate reality Starbuck.


score more kills

escort more civvies


You gotta do it like this:



I’m saving that for emergencies.


I’m sure you grizzled BSG vets know this already but Ott or Lantz has to go with a politician.


I’ll take Tom Zarek. I don’t think we’ve seen him for a while.



Hi Ott!

We seem to be sticking with some OG characters around here. :)


A lot of these new pilots seem amazingly terrible… Trying to pick.


Pick Anders and you can compete with Earth Prime Anders for, uh, number of turns hiding out in the Research lab.


Hey, someone needs to do all the work that Gaius dude was supposed to do!


You don’t have to pick a pilot.


Very true, but yet I must

Tucker Duck Clellan it is!

I will take 1 tactics, 2 piloting please


That made me triple-take.


@rowe33 @CaseyRobinson and @Otthegreat, please choose your 3 starting cards, sirs.



I’ll have you know I had to make a card, a board icon, and three pilot icons for ol Lantz/Duck there.


Heh, I had to do the same for Elosha and Longshot too. It’s not that bad to do one, so rather than make 20 in one go, I make them as needed.


It’s pretty easy when you have the tools and the talent.


1 each of tactics, piloting, leadership


1 Leadership, 2 Tactics.