Battlestar Galactica 21b - Humanity and Cylons in Goldmember


You’ll take a peek at 1 Destination :)


And sent, and cards sent. And I probably don’t have to make a board for next turn after Ott decides what to do with that destination. Yay.


Don’t worry, it’ll all end soon.


I know that :)

Not quite good enough, that’ll go on the bottom.


Okay so the board is the same, except Ott has 6 cards, and he moved one spot to the left.

Your choice of 1 card please @Lantz


Piloting, looks more like blood if/when Cally blows my head off next turn.

I will move to FTL and jump.


One or more moment(s), please.


Roll: 7

Yay humanity!

We’re jumping. We’re also giving the Destinations to the Cylon Admiral, soooo.


Well, I did a complete investigation of your hands and the next crisis.


@Lantz will pick Barren Planet, and his turn would end at 0 fuel after the crisis no matter what you did.

Game over, humanity, game over.

Hope you all had fun anyway, even though @Otthegreat and @Lantz beat you about the head and face.

You made it to 8 distance, though. With 9 Morale.


I’ll call it a near success.
I’m going to space the next character that suggests distance is more important than fuel.


If anyone is interested, the civvies on the board were 9 population and 2 morale. Which wouldn’t even have ended the game.


Was so frustrated at the start, it was so clean.

But then 6 fuel in 3 turns is insanity. Don’t even know what else to say. I skipped the refinery last jump, although I seriously considered taking it and just not rolling for the positive fuel.

Hard to have two Cylons from the start.

I was so tempted to try and get Cally into the brig my last turn but my hand was marginal to try.

@Knightsaber thanks for moderating, was tons of fun. Thanks for putting up with my inability to place civilians with good humor!


Eh well, I didn’t do so hot at it this time out. I’ll call it rust.


Not everyone can do it in their sleep like Craig.


Craig misses things too! Not often, but I’ve seen it.

My games do go way faster, and I am not creative enough to write up crisis result posts like he does. I love those, I suck at them though.

Maybe someday I’ll get to play again. One of three things happens when I want to play:

  1. Craig decides he’s off to India or Madagascar or something.
  2. 8-10 people want to play and I politely give someone a spot and watch (or we have 2 games for the first time ever)
  3. I actually get to play and I am LITERALLY IN THE BRIG THE ENTIRE GAME. <3 you too @jeffreyb


I suppose that sounded harsh, I was trying to add to the “practice makes perfect” angle.
Before I forget, thank you for DMing.


I didn’t take it as harsh at all. No worries! I like doing it, but boy we blasted right through this one. A Cylon President and Cylon Admiral/CAG will do that, I suppose.

We can play again if you like, I bet we finish before Game 21 does :)


I keep trying to give you my slot, including last game! Seriously, GMs get priority whenever they want to play.

Apparently Craig is moving to Pittsburgh so I assume he’ll have like 5 hours a day to moderate.


Pittsburgh, Pakistan?


Pittsburgh, Cleveland I think. See his Everything Else thread.