Battlestar Galactica 21b - Humanity and Cylons in Goldmember


Ah yes, Pittsburgh, Kentucky. Rough place.


As always I would both love to play and be happy to give up my slot. I would offer to GM but I still don’t understand the rules apparently. I am thinking by my 90th game…


It’s not too tough, I use Paint. net, regular Paint, Vassal, a spreadsheet for hand counts and dial numbers, and have folders full of crisis cards and destinations. The worst part is creating a new pic of a crisis or destination card every time one turns up.

Okay so maybe it’s not the easiest thing in the world. Oh also I have tabs to most of the rulebooks and the FAQ open. Oh, also…no, nothing else, that’s it. It’s really kind of fun, especially if you don’t peek ahead. Like Perky drawing that Pardon Quorum card was pretty great. I had no idea it was coming.

The Lion’s Head Nebula, I saw that and said ‘oooh that’ll probably do it’ and was I right? Yep.

But sometimes you just gotta play. There’s no substitute :)

Edit: Actually the most time consuming part of this particular game was making a Duck table card, a Duck icon, a Duck in a raptor icon, a Duck in a Viper icon and a Duck in a Viper Mk 7 icon, because someone decided to play Duck.


Quickest loss and quickest trip to 8? GG, toasters.

Thanks for running the thing, @Knightsaber


I blame @CraigM for wanting us to play new people. If it helps I have run him out of town for his part in this.


It was only like 20 minutes :D

I can’t believe you ran him clear out to Pittsburgh, Montana, though.


Always a pleasure! Wish I’d slipped up a little less.

The Cylons were on you so hard you didn’t even get Starbuck into space, I imagine that wasn’t fun.


Weekends are always sketchy on time. I’m frequently away from the house most of the day on weekends.


@rowe33 btw, stop correctly being skeptical of me!


Yeah, that was, what, round 4 @Knightsaber? We’re on round 3 even, not slow moving at all, and you all blew past!


That was round 3, turn 5.


Craig put this game in perspective. How much of a beatdown was it?

Game 20 was 48 player turns long.

This one was 15.


Cylon Admiral, able to make multiple obviously bad destination choices, always rough.

When a Cylon admiral passes off to another Cylon? That’s brutal. Especially with the super quick jump cycle.


GG Cylons - damn, that was rough. The perfect storm of Otis being able to hit us with those brigs and Lantz already being a Cylon was just too much. I even assumed you were a Cylon for a while there, Admiral, and still couldn’t do anything about it!

The circumstances pretty much rendered my character’s abilities completely useless too! Booooooooooo…

I’m up for another game right away of course.


I wonder what the other first destination was
3 for 3 is pretty bad

We’re just settling in to our game, you guys are fast!


The first jump went so smoothly it didn’t occur to me at all that there was another Cylon around. Then the cards and turn order did a lot of the work for us, on my end at least.

Thanks for the game everyone! And especially @Knightsaber for putting up with us and running it all. I’d be up for another, but also happy to give up a spot if someone else wanted to play.


Damn that was fast. Nice game folks!


Thanks for running everything, KS!