Battlestar Galactica 22 - Craig's Not Here, Man


I don’t have anything useful to add.


Okay go @Lantz, engineering counts positive now.

And the way things are going so far, Destiny will probably love you guys for some reason. (I don’t actually know, I haven’t looked. NO PEEKING)


1 card



0 cards



2 cards @rho21

Let’s not skimp on this one, lose a morale and waste more cards + a turn debrigging.


4 cards @rowe33


2 cards for me



We hit +19 on a 10 check last time, so this time I’m predicting +25.


I would definitely not be surprised to see us blow this one away.


Early game Cylon 101 is over-kill on checks.

You’re all suspect.


Mm, I’m watching that too. The first one was mostly destiny’s fault. This one, we shall see.


Yeah, don’t want to be found out too early!


Oooh exciting. Give me a few minutes.


Exciting for how unexpected it is that we passed the crisis with no ill effects? I like that kind of exciting.


Does the fleet believe Athena is Boomer? Noooot really, no. How much? This much:

Politics 3(PI)
Tactics 0(TI), 2(G&I), 2(LS), 2(LS), 2(LS), 4(UP)
Engineering 0(EN), 4(RS), 4(SR), 6(BN)

Tactics 0(TI) adds two more cards from Destiny:

Leadership 3(RO)
Piloting 4(RI)

(for a net -1)

Engineering 0(EN) doubles Engineering total

Total 42…-1. 41.

No effect?

Basestar slides into Cylon Fleet space 7-8. Pursuit track +1.

@rowe33, you have to place two civilians into two spaces that don’t have any, please. Thank you.

Edit: Oh my math mistake, it’s 42. 43-1. 42.


But wait, change of plans! (Leadership 5CoP)
We need more cards now we’ve used up all those ones.


Ah, very nice.


Okay, that works, instead of no effect, everyone picks 2 cards to draw.

@rowe33, @Lantz, @Otthegreat, @soondifferent, @rho21, in that order, please.

The Cylon ships step still happens, I’m afraid.


I’ll take a politics and a tactics.


I suppose order doesn’t matter, all you’re doing is card drawing.