Battlestar Galactica 22 - Craig's Not Here, Man


Are we throwing shade already? I would like to note the RS card in the check too then as something to consider…


How is the RS shady?


It’s never too early to throw shade.


When all’s shade and done, I’m still for tanking this crisis though.


Just need Ott to agree, I suppose, then.


Having a second assault raptor would be a huge asset because I could stay in space which helps with overall turn efficiency on top of being better.

We were 30 points over that check too.


Most of that is due to the single 0 Eng card though. I pointed out that I could take care of a good portion of the check on my own. My main concern was not being stuck in jail, wasting more cards on an escape attempt.


It’s not conclusive or anything, but it’s a data point and all…


So much shade! :)

@Otthegreat = OTTTTTTTTTT!


I don’t love us throwing this but I can’t help significantly either so :shrug:


I could help a little, but would need a lot of help to pass it.

So I guess I’ll vote to tank it because everyone else is? I don’t like it either, and would carefully watch everyone advocating tanking if I took notes or could remember.


Consider it tanked. But you guys know Destiny loves you, so let’s check it.

Well the good news and bad news:

Leadership 3(DE)
Treachery 0(DC)

Total +3

Fail, no one is in the research lab. Loyalty is un-checkable for the rest of the game.

DC adds 2 Raiders to 3, for a total of 3 Raiders, because the board I posted was off a bit.

Heavy Raider is placed in Cylon Fleet space 5-6.

Pursuit Track +1 = Auto Cylon Jump, hold onto your butts.

Basestar in 5.
Heavy Raider in 4.
Basestar and Heavy Raider in 6.

+1 Jump Prep


@Otthegreat, Tactics or Engineering, please


Tactics please.


What kind of magic can you whip up here, Admiral @Otthegreat?


Why I’ll do what any great leader would do in a situation like this, delegate! Save us CAG! (XO on @rowe33)


Sheesh, this is quite a mess but I’m sure we can get through it. This is my current plan - anyone object or have a better idea?

Tentative plan -> CAG the viper in 4 to attack the heavy and hope we get lucky, then I could go to town on the 3 raiders and maybe even the basestar with some more luck.


Maybe CAG the viper to your space then move and go after the heavy yourself.

If I can get an XO before it docks I should be able to get it otherwise.


I have a pretty good plan but I can’t share it. You know how it is.


I could get a few shots in total at the heavy with the viper while also taking out sector 5 but it would add to the card sacrifice. I think plastering the 3 raiders & hopefully getting a shot at the basestar would be worth it so I think it makes sense to stay in 5.