Battlestar Galactica 22 - Craig's Not Here, Man


Sheesh, this is quite a mess but I’m sure we can get through it. This is my current plan - anyone object or have a better idea?

Tentative plan -> CAG the viper in 4 to attack the heavy and hope we get lucky, then I could go to town on the 3 raiders and maybe even the basestar with some more luck.


Maybe CAG the viper to your space then move and go after the heavy yourself.

If I can get an XO before it docks I should be able to get it otherwise.


I have a pretty good plan but I can’t share it. You know how it is.


I could get a few shots in total at the heavy with the viper while also taking out sector 5 but it would add to the card sacrifice. I think plastering the 3 raiders & hopefully getting a shot at the basestar would be worth it so I think it makes sense to stay in 5.


If you use the CAG ability, you’ll still have 2 actions, don’t forget that bit.


I think we should escort some civvies home first.


What about getting 1 civvy home, then lighting shit up?


Might have been a good plan to XO me instead, just to get the civvies all grouped up and defensible.

As things stand, assuming you have a Maximum Firepower I’d say you should take a pot shot at the heavy using the CAG action then shoot up some raiders. Maybe leave one alive just so more don’t spawn on a standard raider activation.

It’s not the end of the world if the heavy lands, we still have plenty of time to kill it, possibly by presidential power.



Rowe gets 2 Actions from the XO.

Using the CAG card is an Action, activate an unmanned Viper and then take another Action.

So he would still have 2, that’s all I meant.

Essentially if he activates the unmanned Viper he can do 3 things.


D’oh, I forgot the XO.


Just to clarify, a civvy doesn’t have to be in a launch space in order to be safely escorted, correct?


Nope, just need a viper present.


Ok good, in that case, let’s go with this:

CAG action to have the viper in 4 take a shot at the heavy. Should be safe enough until it can be escorted in, using my raptor as a shield, and I’d rather not have it land on an activation.

Action 1 - Play Piloting 4 (MF) to blast the raiders, then the basestar in 5. Action 2 may depend on how 1 turns out so I’ll wait for the die rolls.



Huh? Okay. Just a minute, please.


Unnamed Viper Pilot Who Doesn’t Rate A Number’s Potshot at the Heavy:

Roll: Well, 7, so maybe we should give him a name, even. Heavy Raider destroyed.

Athena opens up on the Cylons in her space:

Roll: 4 = -1 Raider
Roll: 4 = -1 Raider
Roll: 5 = -1 Raider

We’re all out of Raiders, so the potshot at the Basestar:

Roll: 7

Which hits because you’re in an Assault Raptor:

Basestar in space 5 has it’s Hangar damaged. No Raiders will it poop out for now.

What’s your 2nd action?



Damn, nice shooting if I do say so myself!

For action 2, escort that poor civvy home. No need to leave him stranded out here with the basestars.


Okay civvie is gone home to wherever civvies go.

I must stress that this one is important to pass, kids. Well, unless you like most of your ships broken.


Starts with @soondifferent unless someone has shenanigans.


I can do some heavy lifting on this but not solo


Well you have 3 undamaged Vipers in the hangar, 2 in space, and if you choose to damage the Assault Raptor, it’s gone forever, so be careful, eh.


I can’t really help here as I need my cards for any potential emergencies that might occur out here.