Battlestar Galactica 22 - Craig's Not Here, Man


Shocking, I say.


Admiral @Otthegreat, paging the Admiral, please.


The way I see it, I have a couple options.

  1. Get @rho21 out of sickbay
  2. Repair vipers or something on Pegasus

Any preferences? I’m leaning towards the first one so Dee isn’t stuck there when her turn comes around. Looks like people were also floating the idea of using the Engine Room? I don’t know how serious that was, but it’s a possibility too.


I think it makes sense to get Dee out so we don’t lose her card draw.


I think xo Dee and crank that engine. We’re probably due for a crisis without prep!


Good enough for me!

XO on @rho21


Excellent, thanks. I had been thinking about command or communications to do something helpful with the civvies, but I think you’re right that the engine room makes most sense.

So I’ll discard (edit: ahem, nothing to see here) to go and rev the engines. @Knightsaber


You have to discard 2 (more) cards to activate the engines


Erm, so I do. I’m not sure how many games of this I’ve managed to play without ever noticing that detail.

Are people still in favour of this as a course of action, or should I just do something less costly like command or communications? Or possibly I should just play the card I was going to discard to gain some more useful cards.

My remaining cards are reasonably good.


Everything seems to be fine now, carry on.


all along the watchtower…


So, any input now that silly season is over? I’m inclined to just wander to comms and play the CP for cards. If we don’t jump this turn it’s not the end of the world. Perhaps our pilots will be able to clear a Cylon ship or two before they all head back to the fleet board.


The viper I launched into 3 is missing and there should be 2 civilians there.


If you’re looking for something to do, escorting out the civilians in 4 and one of the ones in 3 is a good thing. Having space for new ones is big.


It’s going to suck if we don’t get a jump prep here. Conversely, it would suck (a bit less) if we do.

Also, since I didn’t dump my hand last turn we’re not hurting as much for cards. And there won’t be as much urgency for escort if the toasters are a whole track away.

I guess I’m voting for engine cranking.

EDIT: actually scratch that. I guess I remembered the board wrong. Doesn’t matter that much if we jump after, do as you will.


Yep, clearing two out would really help, then I can clear a couple more whenever I go again, if they’re still there.


Agreed about the viper, but I believe there should be 3 civvies in zone 3 and none in zone 4.

Anyway, that board error had thrown me: I thought I could only clear one civilian this turn with a trip to command, which seemed like a particular waste given that the viper would land pretty much immediately too.

As it actually stands, it’s well worth it. So I’ll go to command and activate the viper in 3 twice to clear a couple of civilian ships. @Knightsaber: the second two ships in the list you gave me.


I escorted one out of 3, and the one out of 4. Then a new one got placed in 4 and one in 5. So you should escort the 4 and one o the 3’s.


Nothing was escorted out of 3, a Viper was placed there, though. Still 3 civvies.


Yes, there are Vipers in 3 and 4. No civvies in 4. 3 in 3. We’re all clear now, yeah? Because this is what you’re doing and I support it.