Battlestar Galactica 22 - Craig's Not Here, Man



@rho21, please see painstaking flow chart thingy and let me know if you want to re-do your escorts or not.

@Otthegreat @rowe33 @Lantz, anyone can/care to/actually will modify the President’s crisis roll?


Tactics 3(SP)




I’ll leave you all in suspense until we straighten the civvie thing out.


@Knightsaber: sorry, I had the sleeping thing to do. :)

In the interests of keeping places open to put new civvies as required, let’s remove one from 4, one from 3. From 3 I choose the final one in the list you sent me.


Okay, crisis die roll:

Roll 4…but +2! = 6. No effect.

Now the entertaining parts.

Raider pops into Cylon Fleet space 5-6.

+1 Pursuit Track…oh no, the Cylon Fleet auto-jumps in!

+1 Jump Prep

Destinations being sent to the Admiral.

Because luck is better than skill.


Was that a strategic planning actually proving useful? Wow. Are you sure we’re not still in alternative crazy world?


I know, right? What’s the deal?


This is a really tough call…

no actually, my options were pretty severely limited on this one. In any case, welcome to


Which means Sleeper Phase! Who’s excited?

Dishing out Loyalty. (All done)

Also, @soondifferent, your Tactics/Leadership mish-mash this turn?


I’ll take a tactics. Can anyone (still) modify a roll?


2 Leadership/Tactics, man.

One of each?


Oh yeah sorry. 2 tactics so we can get an sp.


Beware the robots, everyone.

@soondifferent, here you go.


@Otthegreat, @rho21 (rowe doesn’t draw Tactics, oddly), @Lantz

Can anyone modify a roll for this man?


Still can’t, no.


Sorry, used mine up


I’ll save some time @soondifferent, it’s a big ‘No’. The Tactics deck hasn’t been the most polite.


By design, since we had so many Tactics drawers already! Though we really should have picked up one other person that draws Politics too.