Battlestar Galactica 23 - Craig -Is- Here, Man


Yeah Strollen can use the CAG card when he’s in space to give the other Viper a shot. Let’s do that.


And that’s an 8.

-1 Raider. One remains.


As for the crisis, I got bupkis to help here. Freaking morale 3 crisis cards in a row.


I can get us some of the way, but it sounds like it is futile? Anyone else got anything?


Only political or leadership cards can be used for this skill check is that correct ? Than yes we are screwed I’m just a dumb pilot all of this politicking is above my pay grade.


@CraigM @rowe33, do we want to try passing this?


Where were all these brutal crises last game?


I’d love to, but I don’t think we have the cards. I know I will be adding zero.


OK, I will save my card then. 0 cards @rowe33


Ok guess we’re tanking, though I don’t have anything to help anyways. 0 cards. @Strollen


Ok 0 for me also.


@Perky_Goth also said nothing for the check, so that’s all five. @Knightsaber how bad is is it…


Probably bad, few minutes.


Destiny really tried:

Tactics 0(TI), Politics 2(CP)

TI adds Leadership 1(XO) and uh, Tactics 6(SFF)

That’s ewww -3. Which, of course, means Reckless.

Also -1 Morale from the fail.

Flip Treachery = Treachery 0(B)
Flip 2nd Treachery = Treachery 1(BL)

Another civvie pops into 2.
And then another civvie into 2.
And also a 2nd Basestar in 5.

I mean no biggie?

Raider in 4 pops a shot at Unmanned Viper.

Roll: 1 = At least that was uneventful.


Have at it President @Jorn_Weines or Tory or whatever you want to be called.


I move to the Quorum Chamber and activate it.


Of course you will.


Sent. Play one or draw another?


I’ll draw another one!


That turn was so un-exciting that there is a crazy person after Tory.


@Perky_Goth, you first.