Battlestar Galactica 23 - Craig -Is- Here, Man


The crisis deck is a big fan of no morale, isn’t it?


Yikes. I can’t help much here, but I have some tricks that can be added.


I can help a little here. We have to go for it or we’re going to lose this awfully quickly.


I have one decent, but not great, addition for this. I had hoped to use it for its ability at some point, but frak me is this a mess.

@Jorn_Weines is this a good trick that will mitigate things?

Basically I got one card that is always good to have, and if I spend it here and we can’t pass, that is bad.


My trick can mitigate some potential bad luck from destiny.


I can help mitigate a little too but it may not not come into play.


Is said bad luck related to Treachery? Because we all have Treachery now…


Everyone having Treachery gives me hope that the Airlock will come into play.


The trick I was thinking about is color neutral. But I have another trick to keep us honest if it is not too late for pre-check cards @Knightsaber


No one’s done anything yet, so feel free.


Pop pop.

Pol 4 IC


Okie dokie, everything face up.

Except Destiny ;)


Ok, Perky had nothing so it’s back to @CraigM to start us off.


Well it’s it what I hoped, but it’s better than a sharp stick to the head. Which is what the crisis deck is giving us.

Tactics 3 SP


I’ll throw in:

Tactics 1 LS
Tactics 0 QT

for the cause.



Perfect. So a bit of overshoot is perfect here. If destiny is friendly, pull a card back.

@Strollen show us the goods man, you’ve got tactics in there. Don’t get cheap on us!


Ah tactics something I have I can help a lot.

Are we playing the cards face up for some reason this round?


Yep, Jorn played an Investigative Committee card, which means we all have to play our contributions face up. It’s mainly used to prevent a Cylon from secretly spiking the check. We could have 0, 1, or 2 Cylons at this point in the game. When we hit 4 distance, we’ll each get our 2nd loyalty card and any remaining Cylons will learn what they are.


It can get confusing if you don’t know the abbreviations, but it’s too much work to write them all the time. If it’s bold, it’s usually a card and it’s good to try to keep some track of them to figure out the bad guys.


Just as a refresher, each skill check works like this:

  1. Anyone that wants to play a pre-check card, like an IC from the Politics deck, can play it. Also, any pre-check abilities from characters can be used.

  2. We all add our cards into the check, in order.

  3. Any post-check abilities, or cards, or abilities on cards played in the check can be used.

  4. Morale drops.