Battlestar Galactica 23 - Craig -Is- Here, Man


Really? Only one activates? I had forgotten that. That was my fancy trick!

I’ll take it back then, thanks.


So the crazy bomber is rushing toward the President…can anyone stop him?

Leadership 1(XO)
Tactics 0(QT), 1(LS), 1(LS), 3(SP), 5(ASC)


Piloting 1(FT)
Engineering 4(SR)


Total +6 which is a Failure, as QT can’t remove the 4(SR)

So @Jorn_Weines, you can pick a 3 strength or less card to hang on to, since this is a failure anyway.

-1 Morale

Tory gets bombed but survives, sent to Sickbay.

2 Heavy Raiders launch into 5.

+1 Jump Prep


Everything is fine.


Ack. XOs are nice, but SPs too. A long time to my turn so I will take the T3 SP.


Off you go Athena, it’s your turn, it’s finally your turn, save everything with your mystical um, whatever.



Interesting cards, wrong time and no XO. I’d like to keep the persuit board small, it will only increase, and we’ll have to deal with it at some point. But I can’t be very effective at the moment.
Should we reuse that SP for the jump?

It’s terrible to try and play on a cell phone, God damnit.


I can ahem mitigate the pursuit board if a skill check comes up post jump. Not completely neuter, but definitely slow down. Probably enough to keep it mostly clean until jump 2.

Of course knowing the ways the deck has gone full FU mode, well…

I would be more in favor of you using one of our flying friends to pull a few Civvies to safety. I can then pull the lever


Uh, yeah, that’s a thing too. I wasn’t in the best circumstances to recheck my options.

I’m really rusty… move to command and order the viper in 3 to escort both civilian ships.


It shall be done.


If you weren’t sure if the crisis deck was out to get you before, how about now?


@Perky_Goth you get to choose this.


@Perky_Goth so help me gods, if you take the first option I will throw you in the brig myself.


Unappealing as that is, I’ll take the bottom then.


I thought as much.

-1 Food

Athena gets a Mutiny card.

Raider in 4 shoots at Unmanned Viper Guy - Roll: 2 = Unmanned Viper Guy is renamed to Dodgy McDodgerson.

+1 Jump Prep


I only played the game twice but I don’t remember failing every crisis, just most. Is this normal?


Not really, no. This isn’t going well for humanity so far.


Admiral @CraigM, please, sir.


A little at the start, as there’s less and worse cards than later, but this is the fault of the RNG giving us only cards with checks and all of them having the same colors, which isn’t normal.


Yeah the crisis deck usually isn’t this mean until critical moments late in the game.


Well first things first, I’m going to impress the crew. Pull out some bling, in hopes that they give me a wrench.

I show my Engineering 5C card


I’ll decide my move after that. See if I pick option A or B