Battlestar Galactica 23 - Craig -Is- Here, Man



Paging Admiral @CraigM


/encrypted message, clearance level Admiral/

Credentials: Fisk, Jack

/Provisional Admiral clearance level accepted/

Admirals Cain… Adama. Located sector 112 365 365321 Caprica oriented

Small civilian group

2000 persons

DRAEDIS contact at 0148, scout class. Immediate backup requested.



They made their choice. Keep our decks clear.


So the Admiral deletes 2,000 people. That’s a thing. At least no one is upset about it.

Raider in 6 fires at Starbuck.

Roll: 2 ppfffhht Raiders need to go back to gunnery school.

+1 Jump Prep


@Jorn_Weines since no one got you out of sickbay, what one card would you like?


Politics, please.


Off you go then, battered and bruised Madam President Tory.



For some reason I thought sickbay was 3 cards, not 1. I’b be more insistent on an XO if I had remembered that.

I will go to the Quorum Chamber (discard Treachery 1 BL) and pull the lever.


Sickbay draw 1 card. Brig add 1 card. The only 3 thing I can think of is some character abilities.


Quorum card discharged.

Play one or draw one?


Yeah, no idea where I got that from.

I will play Realease Cylon Mighshots (the image link didn’t work) to vet our Admiral. Anyone got a SP? I used mine in the crisis.

I’d like two Leadership for my ability @CraigM.


You’ll play what now? :)


You mean this?



Yup, that’s the one!


I’ll play Tactics 5 SP to avoid the morale loss here - not worth the risk.


Okay that’ll be a mostly-free look at the Admiral’s Loyalty.


Good news, Admiral @Craigm is 100% Human.


Well, either that or you’re both 100% Cylon!


I found this amusing, you guys might not.


Jorn picked Tory and Tory has to pick option 1.

So -2 Food.

Raider fires at Starbuck - Roll: 3…at least he’s trying.

+1 Jump Prep

We’re jumping, Destinations coming to Admiral @CraigM


Don’t worry, no one ever loses to Food, right, @rowe33? :D