Battlestar Galactica 23 - Craig -Is- Here, Man


Maybe he’ll let me be a Cylon that keeps you in the brig for an entire game.


Was it 2 or 3 trips to the brig, Can’t remember. Such a nasty game that was


I don’t recall, but I didn’t get out until the very end.


Discard Treachery 3 (ABM) & 3 (S)




There you go, Starbuck. I’m sure rowe is sorry about you being back on the ship.



Ok I’ll activate one of those fancy new Mark VII viper and put it in area 3 as CAG.
For my moves I’ll get into a assault raptor.and go to area 2.

I don’t think I have any actions left, but if I do I’d Ilike to escort the Civ in area 3.


It would start the other way around but the end result is correct :) You in 2 and a fancy Viper in 3. Not quite enough to escort.


Suddenly President Tory aka @Jorn_Weines is ambushed by the press!




Hoho, well that is fascinating.


-1 Morale @Knightsaber



-1 Morale

Raiders move from 6 to 1.

+1 Jump Prep


Well I guess we have our first Cylon.


Yup. That’s… unfortunate.


@Strollen, need you to discard 2 cards to get down to 10.


Cylon president whose turn is next. Not ideal.


Strollen discarded Tactics 1(LS) and Treachery 4(VO), btw


Now I get to do something as a BSG moderator I’ve never done before.


Damn, sorry guys, Athena was bored* and decided to go to Ikea. Sorry for delaying the game.
What do you mean, you didn’t need the most awesome pilot in the fleet? Pfft.

Anyway, surely I didn’t miss anything.

* Athena doesn’t talk of herself in the third person, it’s just for reference to a previous joke. And I really had to go, I wasn’t bored :)


Here you are, President @Jorn_Weines