Battlestar Galactica 23 - Craig -Is- Here, Man


Well, you and Craig only can add 1 card, Admiral Starbuck probably won’t be able to +21 it with 2 Cylons up and about.

Honestly about all you can do is hope you don’t Reckless it. But Perky and Jorn will probably handle that anyway.


Would I do something like that?

Hm, I guess I would.


Yeah, Piloting as the only negative is especially bad here. I almost feel bad, but the game is the game.

I am a jerk for remembering it started with this, though.


I can add one card, but it’s very good.

The problem is two Cylons got to act in tandem, with no response possible. Had my turn come up before Perky, this would be very different, I think.

We might have a shot if destiny is helpful, a not impossible chance either.

We have to try.

1 card


1 card for me.


I’ll also retroactively play my Eng 1 JR card, after checking with the powers that be. It’s going to be reckless anyways I assume so may as well help in any way I can.


Now it’s only 17 to pass!


Miracles have happened before!


Yeah, one just got them into this mess.


I suppose I’ll go watch some movies.


I can only help a token amount so I’m saving my cards 0 cards for me.


Not even an Engineering 0 card like Establish Network or anything?



1 card @Perky_Goth


Sorry I used my EN card and 5 engineering card for the one early checks.


2 cards


This will be unpleasant. Brace yourselves.


I’m braced, behind bars remember?


Leadership 2(XO)
Tactics 1(LS)
Engineering 3(RS), 5(Calc)


Piloting 1(EM), 4(MF)
Treachery 3(ABM)


Total +3, Failure.

Jury Rigged makes the check Reckless.

Treachery flip: 3(PV) = Nothing happens.

A Better Machine shuffles 2 Treachery cards into Destiny.

-1 Morale.

Basestar fires: Roll 7 = Hit. @Perky_Goth decides if Galactica or Pegasus is hit.

3 Raiders launch in 5.

Heavy Raiders move from 5 to 4.

Raiders in 1 move to 2.

Raiders in 5 move to 4.

+1 Jump Prep?


How bad could it be? It’s just a…

Checks notes

…Cylon Genocide.

Oh no…




Armory damaged.