Battlestar Galactica 23 - Craig -Is- Here, Man


I mean, that’s not a terrible idea, but it only buys us two turns. You saw the crisis cards, if neither have heavy activations I’d probably prefer not to jump.


Can one of the fancy new vipers launch two spaces w/ its souped up engines? Don’t think we’ve ever actually used them.


If @Strollen has an MF and the the crisis don’t have heavy activations you might live. If not, my turn should (RNG willing) be pretty bad.

Launching is a separate activation.


Well I’ll do what I can then. EDIT - oops, didn’t see that blue blob in 3.

Move to Command. Activate it, escort civ in 3 home, then move fancy viper to 2.


There is a fancy Vioer already launched, you could escort a civvie, then move it to 2


Edit: What?


I choose you, Perky-chu!


Edit: What?


@rowe33 the thing we forgot is that Perky already played the Armed Resistance Mutiny card earlier. So uh oh.


Well damn it, I was going by the graphic which showed Athena still had one. I have to redo my turn or I just go right back to the brig.

It probably makes sense to just concede at this point. I can’t see how we can possibly survive that many more jumps. Humanity is toast!


Redo. Sorry, I had caught it to mention later, but forgot about it today, when I saw your turn.

But, yes, you’re running on fumes.


If my fellow humans want to keep going, I’ll move to Communications instead and take a look at the two civvies. (Sorry KS, more work!)


Fine, but you and Perky are the only two without Mutiny cards. Let’s try and remember that…me too.

Hold on while I get the civvies.


Not accurate! I played mine as well.




Okay only Starbuck has a Mutiny. Cripes.

Civvie info sent @rowe33


Wait, forgot the raider move order…hold!


Things fall apart / The centre cannot hold


Ok, the civvy in 2 comes to space 3, officially changing its name to the Sacrificial Lamb aka This Civvy Will Die First if Necessary.

Civvy 3 remains where it is.


Okay so the shiny Viper and both civvies in 3?