Battlestar Galactica 23 - Craig -Is- Here, Man


Ok @rowe33 I don’t know how much our robotic ‘friends’ added, but if you can counter most of that, I’ve got the rest.

4 cards



What’s the precheck?


Oh right.

Tactics 2 G&I

No destiny. Sorry, went for a hike yesterday evening after work.


Ok I’m going to climb a volcano. See you all this evening.


I’ve got nothing left after that last check. Best I can do is add destiny back into this.



Just what BSG needs!


We have an active volcano here in Hawaii if you are looking for a new challenge.


I’ll add it all up tonight, unexpected little sister visit.


Hope your ADAM supply is sufficient!


Well, no Destiny here, and it’s Reckless, because G&I.


Leadership 2(XO), 2(XO), 2(XO), 4(DE)


Tactics 3(SP), 5(CS)


Total +2 = Fail

No one has anything that can change that.

Reckless says:

Treachery 5(EAW), so that’s a thing that’s gone now, anyway.

-1 Morale (oooh)

Everyone discards a card, public-style.

Everyone gets a Treachery.

@CraigM, @rowe33, @Strollen, @Jorn_Weines, @Perky_Goth

Each player discards a card, each player includes Tory.

After I deal out Treachery, I’ll do the Raiders and then we’re jumping.


Discard Tactics 1(LS)


Can I discard a treachery card?




Ok Treachery 3(ABM)
Are there crisis that give us +5 Morale? I’m guessing not. How about +1 or +2?


I think there’s a tiny amount who give +1, and there are a couple quorum cards as well.

Rules question, why the hell does ABM say The current player, does that ever matter?


I suppose when you play at a table, you don’t have an overlord moderator. So the current player thing is for that, that’s all I can think of.



Discard Tactics 1.


I demand an equal strength Treachery!

Discard Politics 5(PP).


Discard Treachery 5 EaW.


Okay few minutes needed.