Battlestar Galactica 24 - These aren't the Craigs you're looking for

I got lucky with my reveal card getting to damage Galactica. Although, I wonder now if we would’ve been better off going for a different win condition.

Oh, how I almost killed us by that xo onto narcho.

I really thought you were human.

The dials were so high, I think damage was the way to go for you guys. Just the Chief really saved us.

Maybe centurions could have been an option at some point, don’t know.

Great game in any case!

Does the cylon fleet option still move centurions? Can’t remember the last time humans lost due to boarders, except maybe back when we had Cylon leaders and brother Cavil?

You can pick to activate them in the Cylon Fleet location.

Ooooh, I love games!

I’m always down.

Me too

Hopefully the Department of Defense has upgraded their servers to not rely on Java Runtime Environment.

I know @CraigM was planning on running a game, but if he’s busy I can spin one up.

Toasters, toasters everywhere!
I’m not sure how this goes, should we @ the gang?

I am back from my holiday and happy to run or play in another one.

I would play if there is room.

I’ll play if the dome favors me.

@Knightsaber, @Otthegreat are you alive?

Already plenty of people to go around for two games.

I am, thanks! I’d play if there’s room.

FWIW, I still feel like I played a lot and can cede my place to others.

here too