Battlestar Galactica 24 - These aren't the Craigs you're looking for


Ouch, I have a decent hand I’d hate to lose but I think the only options here are the discards or tanking the check. I still wouldn’t be able to adjust the roll.


The discard seems more efficient. It avoids reckless from a tank as well.

But your the best judge of your hand.

Passing the check is off the table I think


Discard is probably more efficient than passing it anyway, isn’t it?


Another vote for discard if possible.


That settles it then. Good point about reckless too.

I’ll go with the discard


two leadership for my choice please


Narcho’s discards:
Leadership: 4DE
Tactics: 0TI
Piloting: 4MF, 5MF

Raiders launch. Jump prep at 20%.

@Otthegreat: you may move one space zone if you wish.


Well that’s about as bad as it could’ve gone.

I will elect not to move this time.


@jeffreyb: you have the helm.


Bah, no delegation available.

Still have something usefull this turn.
draw quorum card please @rho21


Ok, this time I have a real note on the board state, not that fake one I was testing you with last time. Distance should be 2, not 0.


Quorum card added to your hand.

@Lantz: you got me.


will play this


i choose cally, just because she is cally :)


Done. You now have 11 cards and a tough choice:


@jeffreyb: What say you?


Hmm is opg worth 1 morale. What say my fellow teammates?

I can miss the cards zjust there are worse things yet to come


I guess my vote would be save the OPG.


I agree


yeah, we can take one here, - 1 morale it is @rho21

discard 0ptf


Acknowledged. Morale is now 9.

Raiders move, @Otthegreat may also move if desired. Jump prep to 40%.

@scottagibson: it’s your turn.


@rho21 I’ll move to Pegasus main batteries and play Engineering 1 to repair them.