Battlestar Galactica 24 - These aren't the Craigs you're looking for


@soondifferent is up, he played a pre-check card but didn’t declare any cards into the check


Nope, soon gets to play last so we’re with @jeffreyb now.


1 card all I can do @rho21


Cally’s turn I think @scottagibson


Scott put in 2 cards in advance by PM.
Lantz has already played above.
@soondifferent to finish us off.


I have a question about my contribution

Allright, i have permission to change it to 1 card


One card @rho21

Crisis Recap


Scientific research makes engineering positive.

Player contributions:
Otthegreat: 1 card
jeffreyb: 1 card
scottagibson: 2 cards
Lantz: 1 card
soondifferent: 1 card

Leadership: 1XO, 2XO, 2MV, 3DE
Engineering: 0EN, 2R, 4RS, 5C

Establish Network doubles the value of engineering cards.

Total: +30 = Pass, no effect. Our glorious leaders have spoken vehemently against despair.

The basestar in 5 launches a heavy raider. Jump prep now at 20%.

End of turn 1. Congratulations, everyone’s still alive.

@Otthegreat: tactics or leadership for your fifth card?


Yikes, Establish Network overshoot FTW!


Good to pass this one! Overkill or not


Yeah, good show, without Establish Network it would have been just right. Go team.


Leadership, please


Take it away, @Otthegreat.

I must say, I’m looking forward to not having 3 of you in the hangar bay.


Hey, don’t mess with my target-rich environment.


I’ll launch in an assault raptor in 4.

If I move into 5, I wouldn’t be able to attack this turn would I? It’s been a while since I’ve piloted anything.


Yup, you can still have an action in 4 if you would launch. Like xo or something

Might want to move a viper towards the civvies for possible escorting later


Yeah. Movement comes first, for which you stand still. Then your action is to use the hangar to launch yourself in a ship and take another action. Ships have a special action that lets you move 1 space, so you could use that with your extra action to move to zone 5. You’d then be all out of actions, though.

It’s also worth noting that once you’re in space you can use one of the actions printed on your CAG card effectively for free (activate an unmanned viper then take another action).


Thanks everyone!

So I’ll move into 4 and move the viper in 3 to 2. Then I’ll do space donuts in my spaceship because I can’t XO and don’t really see a point in moving to 5.


OK, ships moved. Donuts made. Crisis time.


Who could the culprit be for this despicable act of sabotage in the hangar bay?

@soondifferent: Admiral Faust, your choice.


Aw man, I just got off Galactica.