Battlestar Galactica 24 - These aren't the Craigs you're looking for


Hopefully I can get you out, 2 leadership in any case @rho21


Well, pretty tame as far as crises go, top option @rho21


Maybe it’s better to have an unpiloted assault raptor in space even


That doesn’t happen, it automatically lands. You can go over to command and launch it unpiloted though, I believe. Your fellow pilots may not approve of this course of action.


Sorry, having some teething trouble with vassal again. I’ll try to get this sorted out soon.


Right, problems fixed.

Raptor destroyed, Narcho to sickbay, assault raptor back to reserves.

Raider moves from 5 to 6. Jump prep to 40%.

End of turn 2. Several people in small pieces in the hangar bay. Everyone else happy to be alive.

@jeffreyb: Mister President, you have a new hand and the turn is yours.


A reasonable hand

discard 1em and move to the quorum chamber and xo 1 onto @Otthegreat

After he moves and takes action I will activate quorum chamber


Poke @Otthegreat.


Thanks @jeffreyb!

I’ll move back to the hangar bay, launch in the raptor in 3, move to 2, and finally activate the viper in 2 to escort a civilian.


You have to do the last two of those in the other order, not that it matters here.

Quorum card sent to @jeffreyb. Stick or twist?


Another please


Done. It’s crisis time.


Not perhaps what the humans among you wanted to see.

@Otthegreat: your choice.


Guess we want top, maybe nuke time


Yeah let’s go with the first one. Not a bad idea to nuke that space when we get the chance.


OK. Both basestars fire: 6, 5. Two hits.

@jeffreyb: Galactica or Pegasus?


Pegasus both


Hits to CIC and the Main Batteries.

@scottagibson: your hand is refreshed. What will you do with your turn?


Thinking about it. I didn’t draw an XO, so any ideas?


Repairs are good, depends on your hand for the rest of the options.

On board nothing exciting, maybe command


I’ll move to Pegasus CIC (discard Tactics 0)
I’ll play Engineering 1 to repair Pegasus CIC