Battlestar Galactica 25 - How Will You Know Who to Shoot First?

My goal was to make such a mess of things that you’d feel obligated to take back over…

I was just trying to be fair, of course things happen at a table and it’s fine… but you usually don’t have an all-knowing DM, I was just making sure it wasn’t a game changing slip. I’m just not used to the Engineering combos (which I was going to fail at doing earlier).

Anyway, thank you all, especially our resident doctor. Didn’t expect this to be this close at all, which is why I wanted many vipers screening earlier. Good job there, Cylons. I was thinking this game might end with a jump from the president with a Preventive Policy :) Also still want to see a really dickish Change of Plans from one side or the other.
Not that it mattered at all, but I don’t know if Scar works well with the CPB coming back again and again, but then again, the board fills up no matter what, so… meh

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@CraigM Two human victories on the same day. I believe that’s a new Qt3 record.

** Game 25 - Forever and ever. Without the SR and Engineering cards that’s a -1 total.

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Congrats humans! Pretty exciting game, between Scar, a fleet mobilization and a Lion’s Head that didn’t lead to ruin.

Selective quoting is fun. :P


Well done humans, things went the way BSG goes :)

Imagine if I’d remained Admiral, etc etc.

Well done on running things @Lantz

Holy crap, we did it! I didn’t think we had a shot until all those sweet sweet cards came pouring in. Good game, humans and robots!

Thanks for running it, Lantz - you did an adequate job.

Honestly, my only hope was that I didn’t murder the game with some horrible GM mistake that butterfly effect ruined the game, so I take that as praise ;)

It is indeed high praise! The highest praise a demoralized, nearly wiped out human President can muster.

You did a fantastic job, @Lantz ! Thanks so much!

Indeed, thank you for running the game @Lantz!

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