Battlestar Galactica 26: Winning the Marathon


This is why you never ever network computers.

Hope it sorts out soon!


Unless…hey, who is @CraigM working for??!


President Adama. It made a certain amount of sense, he was a former military man and this was a time of military emergency. Coordination between the civil and military authorities would need to be top notch to survive. Trust, loyalty, understanding, and clear communications. And it would be hard to say that these two former jockeys had a certain rapport. An intimate understanding of their respective intentions. It could be an asset.

It may also be a distraction. They knew each other, and perhaps that likeminded planning and training could close them off to possibilities. it was a path with risk and reward in abundance. Would one coopt the other, would they show deference when defiance was needed, would they ignore all other guidance and run the fleet as a defacto duopoly on power. The vagaries of fate had dealt an odd hand, now the populace was ill at ease.

So too was Apollo. His position centered on a lever the people were seeing fit to pull, or at least threaten to pull. Early in his ascent and already under assault from all corners. His former colleagues were no longer as friendly as they once were, the people saw them as too friendly still. Favor one, and risk losing the other. Heavy was this burden, as he sought to forge a new body politic for this nomad people. But when fate seemed ready to crush his spirit, a knock on the door relieved the tension for now. Officially the bottle did not exist, but that was the benefit of having served under Saul Tigh for so long, they all knew where the good stuff was stashed. Five glasses raised high, and the voyage was now truly under way.

Skill cards

Politics 1CP, 4IC, 4PI
Leadership 1XO, 4AAC, 4RO
Engineering 1R

Total +17 Pass. Two heavy raiders launch into 5, jump prep +1


@Knightsaber it is your turn, once you shuffle two cards into destiny.


Doesn’t that board fill up fast :)


Yeah, nuke + SP is looking very tempting.


Since this is unusual, I was curious.

Lines of Sucession

Kara, Athena, Lee, Romo, Six

Lee, Romo, Athena, Kara, Six

Athena, Kara, Lee, Romo, Six

Sorry, Knightsaber, you don’t matter.


But that ability does :)


I am really interested in it. I didn’t have a complete view of how amazing Doc’s treatment is until seeing it in play. I think Six could be a beast but it is harder to decide since it’s own turn only.


By the universal laws of BSG, it all means God Emperor Six by turn 17


All of the human-Cylon characters are last. I am not concerned.


And I can’t do squat to help the Admiral blow things up anyway, so I’ll stay where I am and draw 2 Politics please. @CraigM


It’s so disconcerting to see you avatar-ing as a leggy Blonde and not Cain. It’s tougher to deal with @rowe33 ostensibly as Kara, but visually as Tory (stupid Tory…).


That’s a good point - will try to remember to change my pic tonight!


I’d like to request either a Cigar pic or one of those “Sexy mess that puts Lee off his game” pics.


And now I fully grok Six’s Destiny ability, she draws her hand and gets to pick and choose 2 cards to keep between her hand and the top 2 Destiny cards. She doesn’t get to pick what’s on top of the Destiny deck, it shuffles. (That’s a downer).

But I get to manipulate it a little, which is a good thing. There’s still 12 cards in it right now though, so I’m not terribly useful with the ‘What’s in Destiny’ question. It’s pretty much the hot mess it always was.

If I can steal XO’s, SP’s and Treachery out of it, I will.


10 cards, we played two for the last crisis.


Oh yeah.

I maintain it’s still a hot mess full of Treachery and Piloting.


Poor Craig, having to sort through the mess of cards.


No, more like dealing with the dumpster fire aftermath that occurs when one of your main production systems is down for nearly an entire day, and the fix is a bandaid that prevents an entire continent of products from being updated.

My morning started at 6:30. Blech