Battlestar Galactica 26: Winning the Marathon


I’m up for it, if my luck is enough to survive the culling.


This sounds like an excellent title for a scifi/horror work.


I’m up for it, but I’ll be traveling at the end of the month. So I think I’ll sit out this game and participate in the next one.


Am I on the ‘free seat’ list or the ‘battle royale’ list? Because we’re having one.


Ok Rho is in. Perky and Strollen demurred.

That leaves @Navaronegun @rowe33 @Lantz @jeffreyb @Otthegreat @Jorn_Weines and @scottagibson and @Knightsaber for 4 spots

We’re playing one card hold 'em. I deal each of you a card, then I seed 20 cards into a communal pool. In order you may choose to keep your card, swap for one from the board, which goes face up. You may select a face down or a face up card.

High card wins. In case of a tie then suit wins. Blue beats green beats red beats black. If you draw a joker, you are immediately eliminated. Got it?

The table



@scottagibson you pick first. Sit, or pick from the table

(cards are 1-20, starting with 1-5 in top row, 6-10 second etc)


I’ll pick card number 8.


One question on the rules: does it go round and round until everyone sticks or enough people are eliminated? Or is it one chance to swap each?




@Jorn_Weines your turn. Sit or pick


I’ll take card 12, please. @CraigM



@Otthegreat pick or sit


I’ll sit.


Very well, @Lantz your choice.


I’ll sit with my Prince and listen to Cold Coffee & Cocaine


Ok then, @jeffreyb


Number 3





Ok, so as it stands right now, Lantz, Otis, Navarone, and I would go through, correct? With KS and Navarone still to pick. @CraigM


this is correct.

But we can see what is there, and I’m sure you can run the odds. So do you play it safe?

@Navaronegun has a pretty plum position here, but isn’t guaranteed yet.