Battlestar Galactica 26: Winning the Marathon

Very well, the Admiral mounts a ‘rescue mission’ to Colonial One. Fortunately his long ordeal in the Quorum offices have left him with little more than superficial bruising and cuts. He is sent to the sickbay to recover.

The people, not understanding the truly dire situation there, he was out of toilet paper!, are unhappy.

Raiders activate, the one in 2 shoots, rolls 4
The ones in 6 move to 1.

Jump prep +1

@Knightsaber no board for now, but your hand and destiny funny business are sent.

Hm. Options.

I’ll Lead 1(XO) @rho21 to clean up some dirt in space 1.

I mathed this to the limits of my time and I am less sure but I still think the Admiral is ok.

Sure thing. I’ll begin by shooting at the big pile of raiders with these here Main Batteries. @CraigM

Should I shoot again for the second or take a peek at the next destination?

You are a lawyer, not a gunnery sergeant. And it shows. Boy howdy does it show.

Roll 1.

Good thing there weren’t any friendlies within a mile of your aim.

Maybe shoot again.

Yeah, let’s keep spraying fire everywhere, perhaps some raiders will kindly fly into it. @CraigM


Yikes. Roll is a 2.

Getting better, but…

Well well well, this is interesting


We have a rare opportunity here @Knightsaber

It’s like you handpicked this one :)

I can’t help all that much with this one, but I still think we should be going for the check.

Frakkin’ right we’re doing the check.

Also I’ll play a 5(SR) to make Engineering positive.

I volunteer to be screened!

Yeah, no way can we pass this check up, if only to avoid losing Morale.

I’lol admit, it made me laugh. Sometimes the RNG is cruel, ok all the time, but sometimes it is beautiful.

I can do a lot 2 cards



we should check the Admiral not the President

A million games of Resistance have prepared me for this.