Battlestar Galactica 26: Winning the Marathon

Yeah I’m aware :)

1.) Interesting logic, why?

2.) What is Resistance?

Resistance is another hidden roles game in which you play members of the resistance going on missions to overthrow the evil government. Only some of you are secretly government agents waiting to betray your comrades. It’s a much shorter form game than BSG (like 30 mins to an hour).

1 card @rowe33

It looks interesting…but really short.

Yeah, it’s pretty much a euro to BSG’s Ameritrash. Pretty abstract, focused on the mechanics.

You’d be surprised how many posts it can take in forum style.

90% of which is ‘you’re the traitor!’

It is mechanically sparse, and much more pure logic driven. BSG is more noisy, and obfuscates the traitors. But it also provides more data points and lends itself to more intuitive play.

Resistance you basically have to use deductive logic or you will lose 100% of the time as the non traitor faction.

Speaking of Treason, it’s @rowe33’s turn, right?

If we’ve got enough to pass this, it might be best if the admiral and president don’t contribute to the check at all.

If the three of you tell me to not contribute, I will not. I welcome the full disclosure.

And back on the subject of Resistance, have you guys tried Secret Hitler?

It’s definitely my favourite of the games in that vein, as the information it provides is a bit more nuanced and complex than Resistance, but you can still get a game done inside an hour.

Speaking of guys with funny mustaches, this game while looking horrible on its cover (70s) is actually excellent. I played it late into the night after a SPI Waterloo game ended 20 years ago. It is fantastic, but hard to find.

It’s basically a political game where multiple players play the political parties in Germany from 1924-1934 (IIRC). You are basically trying to win elections province by province, through multiple elections. The Communists and Nazis can use street tactics, but at a cost.

0 cards for me. @Navaronegun

0 cards for me. @Knightsaber

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We played a game. Everyone assumed I would be Hitler. I was and still almost won. Kicked off a lot of self reflection

I wasn’t a big fan of the forum game of it, or whatever that other one was with the boss that ordered people around. Love the Resistance forum games though!

Here are a couple of political games that are fantastic and have great Vassal Modules. I don’t know if they are PBF fodder however. RoR might be. Kremlin definitely could be.

I’d totally try a forum game of Republic of Rome. I’ve played it a couple of times in real life, but found it difficult to really focus on my objectives over the length of the game, not understanding the game well. Feels as though it would lend itself well to a forum game with plenty of opportunity for roleplay and grandstanding.

Not tried Kremlin.