Battlestar Galactica 26: Winning the Marathon

I’d be up for it too. W’d have to put some thought into how to run it PBF. I haven’t played for 15 years or so.

Never remind me of that again.

I’ll post the cards in a minute, but whom are you looking at?

The Admiral.

Is there a thread for general discussion of forum games? There are some games that probably could fit well, like Die Macher or an 18XX game. A lot of these games don’t have the delicious drama of BSG, though.

Go make one, I think there are plenty of ideas out there.

Skill cards

Leadership 3DE
Engineering 0EN,0IU,4C,6BN
Piloting 1EM
Treachery 1BL

Establish Network doubles engineering, total +21
Will deal out the Install Upgrades pass cards shortly

While @Knightsaber ponders interesting things, let’s wrap this.

Raider in 2 rolls a 1

Raiders in 1 move to 2

jump prep +1

Fleet auto jumps, things clear on the board to their proper places.

Destinations incoming to Admiral @rowe33


Edit: Banana frost red application.

Erm… whu?


I told ya Miss Smartie-Pants.

I understand why you’re not immediately clearing me but I guess it is what it is. At any rate, we’re heading here, so our President will likely have a new friend now…hell, maybe even me. Almost would have preferred a 1 Destination so we could brig the President and tidy things up a bit but we play the cards we’re dealt.


The Admiral is a Cylon, if you couldn’t tell already by his little Destination speech.

Admit I caught you with the nuke party, @rowe33, and I’ll admit you went straight afterwards and almost fooled everyone. So now the President and I have become best friends. As long as he doesn’t touch my drum set.

You little jerk-face, rowe. You robotic pootie-head.

Anyway, I’ll tag @rho21 and @Lantz here so they see my confirmation.

Ah, the “run us out of fuel” ploy.

I warned all of you.

To be fair, when a Cylon gets a chance to look at a loyalty card, they always say ‘Cylon!’, and we fell back into that mentality again.

I should have stuck with the Admiral happy-firing our nukes away and going with what you saw. Son of a biiiitch.

Why did I play Mugshots? SOP I learned in my first game. Always scan the Admiral first chance. Most powerful position.

OK, no use crying over split Cylon Oil. How do we Airlock her?

We have to figure out if we can afford to brig him or not.

I am 100% certain I can get her in the Brig. I’ll go to Admiral’s Quarters this next turn if you guys want. Or anyone else can and I can head to Quorum. Your call.