Battlestar Galactica 26: Winning the Marathon

Tactics/Leadership for the Brig, Politics/Tactics/Treachery for the Airlock. I know we have Treachery floating around.

He has a turn before you, plus we’re getting a 2nd Cylon now. But he needs to not be Admiral before we jump again.

I can 100% make the Airlock happen. And I have a wonderful idea for a funeral service…

We need Craig to sort out the Sleeper Phase first.

Edit: We are really in trouble if you or @rho21 becomes a Cylon.

New PC parts arrive tomorrow (on a Sunday, I know, weird), so keep your fingers crossed that I still have my usual silicon lottery luck and can be back on here ASAP. Also I have that weird login bug and can’t get on with my phone.

Edit: Oh good stusser fixed it. Phone available.

Well that sure worked out well for you two. A human would have waited until after the new loyalty cards were distributed, to see which team they were now on, before saying anything about my card. But it seems like you already knew. A subtle mistake but telling.

I…don’t follow your meaning?

The Kitchen Blender is trying to sow doubt about your status re: diodes or brain cells. Or my status. Or whatever.

Oh, that’s normal.

Well frack. Not the worst two destinations at least.

Not that I doubt KS, but just as a general game reference:
The baseline for destinations is 1 fuel per distance. This varies based on other aspects of the destination, but 2 distance for 1 fuel is the opposite of running us out of fuel.

It’s too late for this crisis, but a question for the future re: this card. Reading it now, the use of the term “random Loyalty Card” to me means that if the check is passed whoever gets checked should be determined at random. Not by the choice of the player whose turn it is. What say you all?


No, it is referring to the fact that players can have multiple loyalty cards. Common case is 2 after the sleeper phase but I think that Boomer can technically have 5.

What it is saying is that if you have 2 loyalty cards and I get to check you twice I can’t be sure that I have seen both because I randomly see one each time.

Gotcha, so the card is chosen at random.

Yes. It is theoretically possible to have 5, discounting any execution shenanigans.

Play as Boomer or Baltar.
1 start, +1 sleeper, +1 your weakness effect
Have both Cylons reveal and give their second loyalty to you
+1 each

For a total of 5. Though, gameplay meaningful 4 is the upper bound.

Though with executions, both Baltar and Boomer in play, etc. it is possible to get higher.

But 3 is almost a guarantee for at least one player, as the revealed Cylon passes off any unrevealed loyalty cards immediately. So your two, then one player gets a third.

Ok there is one backend thing pending, I’m posting the board, once the thing is done @Lantz may go

Ok @Lantz all set

Does your 100% factor in the whole ‘the airlock is damaged’ problem?

With Kara’s OPG I am hesitant to leave the civilians to hit Administration myself. I also obviously can’t help much on a brig given the colors I draw.

@rho21 what do you think about me delegating to @Knightsaber? It seems pretty safe as far as post sleeper bsg goes. I could stay in space and let your turn deal with it but that risks a huge spike depending on the Crisis.