Battlestar Galactica 26: Winning the Marathon

No. The repair will have to be effected first. I didn’t notice that. Thanks fate (@CraigM)!

I tend to prefer not to airlock Cylons anyway, unless they have the presidency. Locked up in the brig they can’t do much harm and have to spend a turn to get back to the resurrection ship. On the other hand they don’t get a supercrisis if you throw them out of the airlock.

I’m OK with you XOing backwards, seems as safe as it gets. Of course I’d be even happier with you choosing me instead as I know for sure I’m not a cylon, but I can imagine you don’t want to take that chance.

I will CAG a viper to 3 and then Leadership 2XO @Knightsaber to hopefully still be human.

Did @CraigM update loyalties?

Airlock has a lot of pluses. Humans can dump treachery, the cylon loses the super crisis and the couple high value cards they’re likely saving to spike with. And humanity knows right away if they made a huge mistake in a situation like this where you could maybe damage control faster. Moot point here.

Yes. All loyalties dealt. If nothing changes, well, nothing changed.

I’ll apologize to one person in particular for mucking up the timing on everything and then bugger off home.


I’ll drop a Repair 1 on my way out. Peace, humans.


Oh right, I’m XO’ed, that’ll be action 2. I’ll use my OPG first and borrow a card from the President. This looks complicated, @CraigM

Edit: It looks like I borrow a card from everyone but me and give them each one from a deck of my choice, which will of course be Treachery.

The next time you get suspicious early (like you did of Kara with the nukes) and I think about backing your play? Yeah, remind me of this.

That is correct. Will deal cards shortly.

But it’s a card party!

I only just discovered my people.

Giving good advice as a Cylon is a great play. Well done, @rowe33.

Mmm-hmmm, I know-that’s my point.

@rowe33 is allowed to ream me good for this mess.

Well this all sucks. I guess at least we know who is human now.

Damage choices sent

Picked them, I’ll discard…

Leadership 4DE
Engineering 1R,1R,1R
Tactics 3CS

On my way out.

Hangar and Command get whacked.


Super crisis dealt

regular crisis played, as it is @Lantz’s turn