Battlestar Galactica 27: More Like a Beer Run


Discarding treachery 3 HW, 2 GP, 4 VO, 1 BL, 2 GP and poltiics 1 CP


Engineering and Treachery, pls.


Shouldn’t there have been a crisis there before the discards?


Yes sorry, all the nuke board work distracted me



@scottagibson start us off


Forever no prep


Aw I only got to order around hordes of raiders once! I was still working on my evil space admiral costume!


0 cards




I guess we are trying to pass?


Yeah, I can do most of the heavy lifting here. I do have 16 cards.


Ok i wil help with 1 card @Jorn_Weines


Me too 1 card @Otthegreat


1 card



5 cards @lantz


Positive: +19
Politics - 1 CP, 2 CP, 2 CP, 3 IC, 3 IC, 4 IC
Leadership - 4 AAC

Negative: -6
Treacher - 1 BL, 3 S, 2 GP


Raider Activates:
Roll 4 - Miss

@soondifferent you need to discard 1 card


I’ll discard 1BL


@scottagibson your hand is updated


The quantum mechanics of this game baffles me. If we have two civie ships but only one population, where are they really?

The best solution would be to give us an additional pop for each civvie ship placed. Yes, that’d be fair.


Only the ship with the maidens left I believe.

At least we got the space situation under control, who needs pilots!