Battlestar Galactica 27: More Like a Beer Run


My cards are pretty usefull so i will go with 0 cards @Jorn_Weines

You guys might want to throw something in to avoid reckless


1 card @Otthegreat


I guess I’ll add too to prevent reckless.


1 card



1 card @scottagibson


1 card



Positive: 8
Politics - 1 CP
Leadership - 4 DE, 1 XO
Tactics - 2 LS

Negative: -2
Treachery 5 - EaW
Engineering 5 - TTL

-1 Morale to 6
3 Raiders launch in 6

Treachery 4 VO - no effect

Exploit a Weakness - @scottagibson choose someone to receive a mutiny card. Note two players have one right now.


give the mutiny card to el Caudillo @jeffreyb


@jeffreyb heads to the Brig. Pick one mutiny to discard. Your hand is updated.

@soondifferent is CAG and Admiral


Raiders don’t launch, you want us dead

And ofcourse they got a eaw

I will discard vp

And i will shows tactic 2gp to draw another tactics


Yup, no raider launch.


Board fixed, you have your new tactics. I am fascinated with how long humanity has kept this going, I don’t want you dead! (although it’s not looking great…)


You have two usefull things to do? @Jorn_Weines


I can get some more cards and get rid of my mutiny, not much else.


ok, then I will breakout


1 card @Otthegreat


I might play something before

How many cards in destiny? @Lantz


Destiny has 8


Ok, no precheck.

Onto @Otthegreat


Darn I don’t really have anything for this.

0 cards