Battlestar Galactica 27: More Like a Beer Run


Hopefully no Red Tape from Destiny.


Adding 2 points by soon would fix that as well, ah well not entirely.


Adding 1CP 1MV Should be close enough.



Through a series of unexpected events I left work with a half updated vassal game not saved and apparently the distro upgrade I just did broke my remote desktop.

Probably on a pause until the morning unless I get some time to hack at it.


something something networked computers something something

When in doubt turn up some of those dials and maybe reduce some clutter from the boards to relieve hardware strain.


Due to corrupted save data the game has to be restarted? I am not sure I want to see how a gritty and dark reboot of this BSG continuity looks…


Sorry for the delay:

Politics - 5 PP, P6 PP, 1 CP
Leadership - 4 DE, L2 XO, L3 DE, 1 MV, 2 X0

Tactics 1 LS

Heavy Activation Rolls 3 for Placement Pursuit Track +1
Jump Prep +1

@scottagibson what would you like to draw? Feel free to declare your action too if it isn’t draw dependent.


Where is the jump prep marker?

@Lantz draw piloting and treachery please.


It’s on the one before auto-jump, at least on the board image.


Board image is right (for once ;)


@Otthegreat I don’t know that what we’ve been doing is likely to work. We could luck into a ‘choice’ crisis rather than a skill check crisis, where both choices are to our benefit, but it would take several of those to have the desired effect, and we’re going to run out of time.

I’m inclined to put some more pieces on the board. They’ll jump soon, and then with any luck at all the Cylon fleet will arrive, but there’s not much there. What do you think?


I agree, Caprica hasn’t been particularly helpful.

Yeah, maybe launch ships? There’s only one basestar so even that isn’t great. The only other option I see though is to take a peek at the destinations and really they just need one 2 distance destination and they’re fine.

No great options. I’m leaning slightly towards launching more ships, but would be fine with either.



Put three raiders in 1 on the CFB. And CAG has to place a civvy.


Ugly, but I’m thinking we have to place it in #3. What say you @Jorn_Weines @jeffreyb?


Yeah, sounds good

How many civvies in supply?


i will presshow calculations 3 to draw another engineering @Lantz


Empty civvie in 3 then.


So, what are our odds of drawing a 2 distance, 1 fuel destination? Without having seen the entire destination deck in its entirety, I’m guessing it’s a 1/4 chance that we get one?


Not great.


Hm. Probably less than 1/4 actually. Well, Fisk can use that card that I gave him last turn, but that’s assuming we get a jump prep this turn. That + a CS and command would be ideal…