Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


-1 Raptor

+1 Assault Raptor



To you, @Jorn_Weines


I think conventional wisdom on this is that 1 CFB is worth a chance for a jump prep. I ditch T0 TI; let’s have another spin on the crisis wheel!


Okay then.

Basestar pops into CFB space 3.

+1 Pursuit Track

@jeffreyb place a civilian before a new crisis is flipped please.


I’m pretty sure I said this last game but I feel compelled to repeat myself: this is the most disappointing mismatch between card title, card text and card photo in the game.

You are the one foretold! For over coming this great trial you draw one politics card.

Wait, maybe you’re not the one prophesied. In that case, have some ships and lose a card.

Please enjoy this generic stock-photo-alike.

Maybe it’s ironic? The flavor text seems sincere enough.


Put it in 3 @Knightsaber

How many normal raptors left?


One. New crisis flip coming after I open everything up.



A check! A fancy one, too. This will start with @jeffreyb assuming no shenanigans. Please speak up if you have any shenanigans you wish to use.

(Wakey tag for @Jorn_Weines, @soondifferent, @Perky_Goth and @rowe33)


Oh wow, nice! I can contribute a lot here but no pre-check fun.


Anyone IC? Would be lovely thanks


I don’t have any precheck fun either.


An IC? Since I had the same idea looking at my hand… 3(IC)


Everything face-up then. Except Destiny. I haven’t looked, pinky-swear.


So, @jeffreyb, do your prophesied one thing.


Also, does that Pass result do anything without playing for Kobol?


Yeah it’s just one Distance, no matter what the game variant is.


I can make seemingly worthless cards worth something, if that helps anyone’s decisions here.


In that case, are we sure we can pass or do we just care about not failing (which isn’t that bad… wait, we’re down two raptors? err, a bit bad then)?


You’re down 3 raptors. 1 was popped after the board was posted.


This is like a free jump - we want to pass it for sure. I can do a lot of heavy lifting but will need help since Destiny will likely be unkind.