Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


There we go.




I hate make work for other people, so I support a basically vanilla version, but I love the idea of mixing it up. My quibling around the one thing probably distracts from the fact that I think that the other parts are great!


After all this mucking around and playing ‘fake’ games by myself, I’m pretty sure I’ve settled on…sometimes bad things happen. The BSG board game has always been in the Cylon’s favor, it’s tuned that way. Human wins are supposed to be a Big Deal.

So there.


I would subscribe to your patreon if you stream these solo games you speak of.


They aren’t very entertaining, seeing everyone’s cards and all.


Yeah, but I assume you have a voice and personality that you use for each of us as you play.


Yes, you’re always a Cylon. So is Lantz.


In the interest of Knight’s patience, and maybe my own and others’, should we agree of a set of conditions for calling it, though? It’s taken a bit of a toll.


I have a pretty good monotone, sorry.

And I don’t think I’ll run a game anytime soon, there are Real World things coming up I have to do that are Rough.


Perfect time to make this a live game over (whatever service we’d use)!


@Jorn_Weines was considering running a game a while back. Not sure how busy he is with travel


I am busy with other things than travel at the moment, but who knows what the future brings?


Am re-building all the tokens/icons/pieces, patience is needed.



I have an example.

Military Leaders


Note how bright and shiny they are. And big and huge. And a new face or two. Or an alt of an old face.


I approve!


I can’t fully approve until I see the Cally cards.

Sorry but protocol is protocol…


I haven’t started Support yet, this takes a while.