Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


I’d like to play but if we have enough for two games I’d be happy to run one of them (assuming that’s not stepping on Knightsaber’s toes). So keep signing up, people. :)

  1. @Snebmi (New!)
  2. @soondifferent (Winner)
  3. @Jorn_Weines (Winner)
  4. @rowe33
  5. @scottagibson
  6. @Lantz
  7. @Perky_Goth
  8. @rho21


10 will do it, not including yourself. Tag people if you like :)


Still likely 2 days or so until I finish the re-asset-ing, unless I go on a binge today.


All I have left is the pilots-in-ships icons. Which is, by far, the worst part.


You work fast!


Can confirm!


Yeah, that’s certainly a lot of work in a short time.


Going to finish tonight. Might start game tonight. Tag people you think might want to play.


I’m going on a plane for a few hours soon, so if the game starts and I don’t check in that’s why.


Battle for the Last Two Spots via RNG 1-100, Highest Two Move On

@rowe33 = 45
@scottagibson = 66
@Lantz = 43
@Perky_Goth = 92
@rho21 = 96


@Snebmi, @soondifferent, @Jorn_Weines, @Perky_Goth and @rho21 are in game 29. Please let me finish the initial posts in the new thread before you start posting in it, thanks.




Wait is Game 29 up yet? I don’t see it.


It wasn’t.

EDIT: don’t reply yet, he’ll @ you


FYI I will be going on leave for a few weeks starting mid week. If there is five more interested, @ArmandoPenblade, then I can also run a game.


Game 29 is open!

Craig and rho have the new assets. (We should let Craig run Game 30, as the Creator).

P.S. I think my fingers are broken.


I’m in! My RNG for that game is 99.


rho hit this with a 96 and then got a 99 when I RNG’ed player order for the game. rho is Winning


If he rolls an 8 shooting a Basestar with a Biper, I’m calling shenanigans ;)