Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before

All I have left is the pilots-in-ships icons. Which is, by far, the worst part.

You work fast!

Can confirm!

Yeah, that’s certainly a lot of work in a short time.

Going to finish tonight. Might start game tonight. Tag people you think might want to play.

I’m going on a plane for a few hours soon, so if the game starts and I don’t check in that’s why.

Battle for the Last Two Spots via RNG 1-100, Highest Two Move On

@rowe33 = 45
@scottagibson = 66
@Lantz = 43
@Perky_Goth = 92
@rho21 = 96

@Snebmi, @soondifferent, @Jorn_Weines, @Perky_Goth and @rho21 are in game 29. Please let me finish the initial posts in the new thread before you start posting in it, thanks.


Wait is Game 29 up yet? I don’t see it.

It wasn’t.

EDIT: don’t reply yet, he’ll @ you

FYI I will be going on leave for a few weeks starting mid week. If there is five more interested, @ArmandoPenblade, then I can also run a game.

Game 29 is open!

Craig and rho have the new assets. (We should let Craig run Game 30, as the Creator).

P.S. I think my fingers are broken.

I’m in! My RNG for that game is 99.

rho hit this with a 96 and then got a 99 when I RNG’ed player order for the game. rho is Winning

If he rolls an 8 shooting a Basestar with a Biper, I’m calling shenanigans ;)

If he’s flying a Biper there are definitely shenanigans.

Bipers are only when I run a game.

Oh hey do you want a copy of the new assets and edited Vassal modules?

Yes please! You’ve got my email. It’s the one you forward to spam.