Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


Looks like @rowe33 will have to change avatar again. The regulations are pretty clear on a maximum of ONE STARBUCK PER CREW!


I didn’t know who that was but that’s a fun character!


Oh I hate you, there are no icons made for her yet. I have time, I guess.


Sorry, will be a couple hours before I can pick a character. On an unrelated note, what other characters are missing icons at this present time?


Are we going for a tactics overdose again?


I chose first, so I am innocent!


I use a little different system than Craig and KS but I think it is:
Aaron Kelly
Hamish “Skills” McCall
Priestess Elosha (maybe, didn’t we use her once?)
Peter Laird
Michael Robert


I’m pretty sure I saw someone playing Elosha, and maybe Robert.


Tactics are the best


I will rig the decks to murder you specifically.


You could just rig it so he is human, that’s pretty painful.


He could rig the event deck so that @Lantz jumps out and kills him.


Priestess was used in game 21:

Michael Robert doesn’t appear to have been used.


There are some fun support characters that I never really took notice of before. Gina in particular (would have worked really well last game!) Too bad there’s no poltiican Six or we could go for an all Sixes civilian squad.


He’s got to pick a pilot (GLARES) so Hamish McCall is really the only option.


Happily it takes me 10 minutes to create icons, so neener poo-poo.


The amoral spot for politics was already well filled in the series… even if you ignore Tory.


@rowe33 you could ruin people’s day by picking a guaranteed Admiral, President, or CAG too. All of the possibilities are yours.


Luckily @rowe33’s taste in other people’s misery can only be filled by crushing his opponents, not in petty character politics like that.