Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


Shoot, sorry, got distracted at lunch with news of my wife’s co-worker being arrested for allegedly molesting a minor! Not good when they’re teachers in high school. Will reveal my pick for SCOTUS as soon as I get out of this meeting!


Pardon me, but what the frak?!



I was trying to find a pun, but it’s for the best that I didn’t.
I hope it ends as well as it can, whatever that is.


Not a close friend or anything but they teach the same subject. About a dozen in the department so it’s pretty shocking to have happen!


What the shit?

Pardon my English.


A fellow teacher in the same dept (current dept chair actually) at her school was arrested for allegedly molesting a kid about 6 years ago. I assume they must have had some solid evidence because that seems like a pretty significant charge against a teacher. Even if innocent, how could you go back to work there?


Skulls McCall it is!


You don’t need to take it out on me :)


gets to image work


(psst what 3 cards to start with)

Also you start in a Viper in 3 or 4


Sounds terrible :(

Huh. So we actually have a human-cylon as admiral. Is that a first?

Edit; @rowe33, starting cards?


And which area of space to start in, and if you ‘borrowed’ the Assault Raptor, @rowe33


Aha, I see now that you also asked the cards. But it was in parentheses. Should I be concerned that I can’t seem to notice text that is located between ( and )?

Hm, I hope that isn’t part of some sleeper agent programming or something like that.


I made Starbuck a more colorful less-washed out board icon, because why not? She deserves to be pretty, too.


I’ll start in 4 with the AR, among with 2 Piloting and 1 Tactics cards.


Copy, over.


Dear everyone, @Jorn_Weines, @jeffreyb, @Perky_Goth, @soondifferent, @rowe33

You should all have hands, Loyalty cards and in Perky’s case, a Quorum card. Let’s jet for Kobol.


Admiral Natalie, lead us out.



I can’t delegate and I can’t scout; command to move a raider and escort sounds good, right?


shakes head