Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


Words are hard.


Human speech program malfunc…ti…on…in…g…


I’ll move the Viper in 3 and escort the top Civvie in 2 @Knightsaber.


Okay, here is your reward. You have Skulls in space and he sees all the weird stuff.


You should probably discuss this one, @Jorn_Weines


Wow, would have been great in a round or two, for that prep. Not sure if we can afford to do it now though. I think we could definitely pass it but it’d leave us a bit vulnerable for anything else.


Yay now I can’t use my special in like ever

I’m in favor of the roll


Yeah the original batch was literally me photocopying the components.

Later versions were from the Vassal app directly.


Can anyone modify?


Might be cheaper to xo you out? (although i currently do not posses one)


True. Any objections to rolling?


leadership for my choice @Knightsaber when the time comes


We humes are in disarray already, yay! Would be cheaper to XO if the roll fails than spend a high card on it now I think, assuming anyone can do that.


Let’s go for the roll then @Knightsaber.


Sorry for the delay. Yeah, you’ll get a caffeine shot to get out of sickbay soon enough. And I have no cards for the check, great as the pass would be.


Shall we wait and see if there’s a modifier out there anywhere?


Pffft, it’s not like anyone draws Tactics.


I know. *literally everyone.


Seems like the only one who hasn’t weighed in is @soondifferent?

I say we just go for it; an XO to get me out of sickbay is cheaper and there are a lot of uses for an SP on rolls with a better chance of success.


I agree, let’s just roll and see


Or who are more needed. Roll it.