Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


I’ve already rolled it. It was a 4.

Admiral Natalie is toted off to Sickbay after someone tells here that passage through the radiation isn’t very safe. What a swooner.

Nothing else at all important happens.

Raiders move from 5 to 6.

+1 Jump Prep


and now to @jeffreyb


Yeaaah I’m working on it.


Starbuck please, calling Starbuck.

Er, @jeffreyb


Reasonable cards…

launch in 3, cag a new viper in 3, xo2 @Jorn_Weines


Thank you CAG.

I will move to Command, activate it, escort the Civvie in 2 and launch another Viper in 4.

Or do we want to move a Viper to 5?


Don’t escort, then the Raiders will fire

You could take a shot at the basestar instead from cic?


It was one of those times where a new board didn’t matter, I totally forgot about it.

@Jorn_Weines yep, maybe move to 1 instead.


I’m going to do a board every turn, whether you all like it or not.

And it takes a few minutes to get cards where they’re supposed to be.


Doh, I forgot that.

If it is OK for @Knightsaber I’ll rather go to CiC and shoot the basestar. Still no SP from me.


Have to discard a card to move to Pegasus.


Dropping T0 TI


Hey KS, do you mind throwing the board descriptions in the first post too?

Tactics 4 SP on the roll to kill the basestar.


That’s weird.

Edit: They’re in under the Mutiny deck.


How good is Admiral Natalie at gunnery?

Really, really bad, it turns out.

Roll 1 +2: 3

Pegasus shudders as Natalie shoots the Airlock off. Much grumbling is heard from the gallery. (And hysterical laughing from me).

Oh, someone is messing with the water too.




I’ll play my cards, but it’s very far from enough.


We never lose from food! I’d dump this one and save it for a morale, fuel, or pop check. I can’t help at all if we go for it.


Isn’t that morale? But yeah, if we can make it, it might leave us a bit bare.


I take it no one has a Calc card they could play on that horrible CiC shot?


I’m taking the or option here @Knightsaber

That’s some terrible shooting