Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


I’m noting those in favor of lowering morale with no benefit!


@Jorn_Weines, don’t let me be alone with rowe, I’ll doubt myself.
I’ll make a choice in a bit.


You know what? I know morale is fine, so I choose top.
go go @Knightsaber



-1 Morale

No one is in the brig. I double-checked.

2 Raiders pop out in 5.

+1 Jump Prep

@rowe33, Tactics or Piloting?


I’ll go with Tactics here.


Here you go, Skulls.


I don’t see a reason not to scout here, unless someone has a much better idea. No need for an SP as my ability gives better odds.


If we want to save a turn, I could scout before hitting the button given a XO, but I agree there’s no great urgency right now.


Not an option for me so I’ll go ahead with Plan A:

Stay put and play Tactics 1 (LS), no modifier, to look at the top destination.


Roll is a 2.

Skulls magic?


What a pain…yes, Skulls magic it is. Piloting 3 (RI) to re-roll.


Anyone want to modify this one?


I don’t think there’s a point - you’ve got a 1 queued up as revenge for my character choice!




I queued nothing up and fudged nothing.

-1 Raptor

@rowe33 to Sickbay, because Skulls. (Quick, Starbuck, free Assault Raptor)


I thought we spent our bad luck in Game #27

Let’s all go to Sickbay and visit Uncle Lantz.


That’s nice.


Blind admirals, blind pilots, but I see all.



President @Perky_Goth, please.


93.75% chance of success…awesome. My character seems broken - can I get a replacement?