Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


Sure, but the Airlock is currently broken.


Bottom choice is tempting, but we’re fairly weak on engineering, if we go that route we should prioritize repairing right away, otherwise Pegasus would be gone before we know it.


Our Morale is dropping quickly - not a fan! Starbuck, I’ve made special arrangements for that assault raptor you wanted. You’re welcome!


Ain’t I in demand…
I don’t think we want damage, but it’s not the worst time. Shit, who are you playing again? I still don’t have notes.

Ah, a nice lack of engineering, top it must be, then.


Do we have 2 vipers in space + 2 in hangar, or 2 total?


You know it’s just because you tried to scout in a Raptor without taking Racetrack. She’s the good pilot. Skulls is just the background dude.


3 in space, 1 with Starbuck in it.
2 in reserve.
1 damaged.

And an Assault Raptor in reserve.
And 4 Mk7’s damaged.


Missed this, is that what you’re taking?


I’ll leave it to you folks with your titles and your offices. My experience is that when Pegasus gets damaged, it doesn’t get repaired, and then it’s gone. For once I’d like to see how well we can use it against the CFB.


I can trawl for repairs, though. But at the cost of trying for XOs.


Make it so!

Seeing all the tokens on the board the last few games gave me the same idea.


-1 Morale

Raiders move from 5 to 6.


Raiders placed on CFB space 5-6.
Basestar placed on CFB space 7-8.

Destinations coming to the Admiral. Who probably should stay away from guns.

Also @Jorn_Weines, your Leadership/Engineering combo, please.


Sadly our choices are between sub-par and terrible.

We’re going here:

I feel like we should get some repairs in, but do you want me to take the chance on getting an XO?


No skill checks so far…the Destiny deck is bored, you guys.


I think we’ve had quite enough excitement already, thankyouverymuch.


Well, we had an optional one.
@Jorn_Weines, repair early, repair… not that often. I have 7 cards and no monopoly, so I’m ok. Not that blue is too helpful for crisis.


If we can’t get the prez out of sickbay this turn we won’t be able to get him out at all.


I don’t understand?


An XO would make me discard on my turn, I have a fair bit of cards. My colors are also covered by others.
We also might not have another good opportunity to get those mkvii up and running, and they’re pretty awesome to have.

The negative is blue isn’t that great for other uses. And my hand is not that great.


Well, that’s assuming destiny continues handing us (you) morale loss choices with no checks.