Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


I can help a lot (for one card, at least) if necessary.


Maybe it’s just me being tired but I don’t get it?


There are likely going to be 3 consecutive escape attempts before your turn so I’d judge what to use that way.


I’ll take this one, you take the next @Snebmi


28 days old, the game is. I expect 28 more.


0 cards.




1 card @Jorn_Weines


Jorn added 1 card but didn’t want to tell anyone but me :) Be right back with mathematics.


Oh, it was preemptive in case it drew out. 1 card.


Politics 4(IC)
Tactics 0(TI), 0(QT), 2(LS)

Treachery 0(DC)
Piloting 2(EM)

Trust Instincts adds 2 cards from Destiny, which are:

Treachery 0(B), 1(BL)

Total +3 (For now)

@Jorn_Weines you can remove a card of 3 or less with Quick Thinking.


Will something magical happen if I remove the P2 EM @rho21 @Perky_Goth?


A little birdie told me that @rho21 might want to do something.


I take the P2 EM


That puts you at +5.


I have a card here somewhere for just this circumstance. 4DE


See, we can do it if we work together!
Damn TI, I hate you, but you were still useless to stop us!


Ah that makes the check a 5, imagine that. First all the paperwork.

Dradis Contact puts 2 Raiders in 5,
Bait places a 3rd civvie in 2.
Broadcast Location = +1 Pursuit Track, I’d bother @soondifferent but the only free spaces for civvies are 1 and 4, so I got it.

@Jorn_Weines pick a space on Galactica to move to.


P.S. All the civvies are on the board.


Hangar deck I guess.