Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


I’ve heard that’s out of fashion at the moment.


Sorry Apollo, doc cottle needs to check your secondary loyalty spleen. @Knightsaber


Apollo to Sickbay (still better than the Brig).

I guess soon gets to see a loyalty card, let’s pretend we did that.

Basestar activation = +1 Pursuit = Cylons are here to party.

Basestar in 5.
Heavy Raider in 5.
8 Raiders in 5. (For a total of 10).
Raider in 4.


@rho21 you’re up. If you’d like a board I will provide one.

Quick summary:

Barry - 12 cards
Boomer - 9 cards
Baltar - 6 cards
Jeanne - 3 cards, 1 Mutiny
Apollo - 10 cards

Fuel: 3
Food: 3
Morale: 4
Population: 8

There are a boatload of Raiders in 5. (10). There is a civilian in every space (3 of them in 2)


Didn’t Jeanne use her mutiny on her last turn? Or did she get another?

@Jorn_Weines, @Perky_Goth: which of these do you like?

  • I can delegate to Apollo to get out of sickbay and do stuff.
  • Or to Boomer to make a couple more escape attempts.
  • I can make use of my power to repair something.
  • I can advance jump prep which gives me a shot (hah) at getting executed and so out of the brig. Also jump prep is good.

I’m leaning towards option 2 as I think it gives us the best chances in the long run.


I think we go for Boomer.


Hell if I know at this point, but sure.


OK, 1XO on Boomer. @Perky_Goth


Ok, one escape attempt, please. Hold the salt, I have enough.


But you can only add one card.


Jeanne got another Mutiny, I’d have to scroll back to find out how but it is true.


Boomer escape attempt starts with @Snebmi



Don’t worry, I don’t have anything directly helpful.


1 card @soondifferent


By the way, I’d like to hear what soon has to say about Apollo. I have my suspicions…


I am quite dodgy. But that I did not go raid the pantry after my escape should dispel any suspicions!


Well, that’s because everyone’s been trained not to leave you alone on Pegasus.


This Void Wasp is much better than the Assault Raptor.


What game is that, anyway? It looks interesting.