Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


And I need to know where @rho21 would like to start.


Sorry. Engine Room.


Ah, caught myself, Jeanne only starts with 4 cards.

(I’m working on it, I do a lot of paperwork)


@soondifferent You get to pick any location (non-Cylon and non-bordered) space to start in.


Ill go with pegasus cic (the ramming one)


Take us out, Admiral @rho21


Crap, I meant to start in #4 @Knightsaber!



Edit: I mean, that’s unfortunate. You’ll be fine. If you really want, I can redo the board, I had to rearrange the characters in the green anyway.


If it’s no hassle, sure. Or we can just say I am in #4 and fix it when you make the next board. Or I can stay in #3.


I’m sure I have no idea what you mean. >.>


Fake news. Now, blow some toasters.


All of this has happened before and will happen again.


Tell me about how nice-looking the characters icons and their table cards are.


They are, actually. And easy to spot, for once.


I mean, did you notice Military characters have a green outline? Pilots red? Politics yellow? Support blue? Pretty, visible ones? Bright, vibrant colors?


Yeah, I agree. Upgrades are great!

I did not notice the outlines before you mentioned them.


rho is probably off for party/sleep night, so everyone just settle in. I will remind myself of 3 days of finger pain rebuilding the characters. I could not do the board, because I have no idea how @CraigM pulled it off in the first place.


The downside of the bright outlines is people are more likely to notice when I forget to move them.

I rely on ninja editing history to make everyone think that I am a perfect BSG moderating machine.


[insert snarky joke]


Ah, I see how it was done, but it would look the same no matter what I did to it, unless I turned into a graphical wizard.