Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


There’s only one in the politics deck (not sure out of how many, 20? 30?) so it’s something I usually discount and hope for the best when playing a Cylon, but it’s troublesome.


35 cards in the decks (except Treachery, that’s much more)


Baltar has chosen to give his other Loyalty card to @soondifferent



Apparently Jeanne decided she’s also good at engineering too.

@soondifferent, your choice.


I’ll go to sickbay @Knightsaber


Damn, I was hoping to damage Galactica a third time ;)


I thought you might.

Jeanne to Sickbay.

Raiders in 5 activate, at least there’s an Unnamed Pilot there to help out.

Raider 1: Roll: 7

Well, there was a Pilot. He’s in Sickbay now with Jeanne.

Raider 2 destroys the Civilian.

-1 Population

3 Raiders move from 5 to 4 and meet up with President Apollo.

Raider 1 in space 2 removes the Civilian.

-1 Population

2 Raiders move from 2 to 3.

+1 Jump Prep

@Jorn_Weines, Politics/Leadership combo? Yes, it is finally your turn.


Well, the bottom ship in 3 must survive, FYI.


Give me two Leadership, please.

Not optimal to have me as President, though. Any suggestions? I won’t have time to do my move until tomorrow, sorry, today has been packed.


Move to 3, CAG the more important civvie to safety, shoot something?

@Knightsaber: are you sure EM is ineffective with the Hornet’s Nest effect? Now that I read the card again I wonder if it only applies to actions on piloting cards.


Yeah, sounds about right. I could use an XO out of sickbay either this turn or on Barry’s though.


I can get you out of sickbay.


I think you’re right, EM’s would work. MF’s no.


Now we take the night off until President CAG Apollo @Jorn_Weines Adama is available.


Yes, Perky, I know, that screwed up a lot of the game already.


Well, then, the vipers are probabilistically not a priority to save.
I can’t think of a way to give the presidency away easily, but you should stay on the cockpit.
Also… There was only one active Cylon per the crazy rules, but they say nothing about a Cylon that’s doubly so. :)

I’m too busy and too tired moving residence; if you didn’t delay the game, I would.


Whatever the way is, I think I’m the ideal presidency candidate. I did such a great job before you meanies tried to kill me.


You’re not eligible anymore as a foreigner :P


While we wait, I suggest opening up the original rulebook and reading about Revealed Cylons. And then maybe reading about them in the other rulebooks. To save some headaches later.


It’s fine, it’s a game. No hard feelings.

By the way, is a toaster a Cylon?