Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


I will.


Well, it certainly is intro to BSG RNG by way of hard knocks.

Yup, toaster = Cylon. Sounds like someone haven’t seen the show! The first, oh, 6 hours or so is fantastic (it goes up and down from there, but generally decent) You should watch it if you can fit it in, the game is more fun if you know the characters.


I love all 4 frakkin’ seasons and no one can take that away from me.


So say we all!*

*or at least we two


I genuinely like much of season 3&4. It has its… moments. But it also has the goosebump inducing reintroduction of Kara, the fantastic tension with her song at the end, really pretty much everything Kara and Lee in the fourth season, aside from the ‘what is she really’ part, is the best thing about season 4.



And, well, there’s Exodus. Not only is the action gripping, the shift in tone right at the end of the arc is brilliant and sets up the season beautifully. And the soundtrack, yum.
But yeah, season 4 is a bit of a mess, even if it’s partially understandable why because of the limitations. I do wonder if Moore can write a fully coherent series, seeing as DS9 had some of the same problems with some of the same themes.




I can’t find if someone ranked the civvies in 3, so I will move to 3, use CAG to escort the bottom civvie and use my extra action to shoot a Raider.


Edit; fixed.


Recommend you don’t remove both civvies or the raiders will start firing on Galactica.


Thanks, I didn’t find that.


I might have been carried away by trying to keep information safe. The top one is not an issue, the bottom is a priority to save.


I don’t think we usually reveal what the tiles are? Maybe edit it out @Perky_Goth.


No, but I don’t think it’s forbidden and I think it’s very relevant for the next dew turns. Still, I masked it a bit, but I don’t think it changes any plays.


Bottom civvie escorted away.

Apollo roll: 7

One Raider is bigly destroyed.


I assure you there’s no such thing as unfair bias…well, sort of.


Starts with @rho21 unless shenanigans.


I can add a bit, not super much, and will since it is use them or lose them.

Also, the new card images are a joy to look up when on mobile!


Is that sarcasm or actually true?


I just tried it and it seems pretty okay to me.


The exclamation point expresses joy, not sarcasm!