Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before

I think I’ll try Barry Garner.




Probably, but I’ve done enough work for one week :)


eye twitching

Hm. Looks like we’re lacking in politics and leadership.

Depending on what @soondifferent chooses, I am eyeing either Apollo Adama or a support role. Jeanne is new, right? I can’t remember if I’ve ever gotten to play the Chief.

This should be fun :D is there anyone else who draws 3 loyalty cards?
For once, though, yay, engineering.

Yes, please pick politics and leadership now. Especially leadership.

Hah, like leadership cards have ever been useful.

Jeanne is new, yes.

Sorry! Out with the kids will pick soon

Apologies, but you can’t play as yourself.

Ahahaaa, I actually laughed out loud.

Can soon and I play the two other Baltars? Pleaaaase.

No duplicate characters!

But but Cult and Other dude are sorta-kinda different!


Edit: The third Baltar is called ‘Season 3 Baltar’ according to the game files.

I’ve been feeling the lack of the Chief in recent games, hence my choice of leader as a source of guaranteed repairs. But yeah, more leadership would be good. Also a backup president for when Baltar’s inevitably evil.

So far we have a likely Admiral that might just die for no good reason at 6 Distance on each of his turns, and Boomer mucking up the Loyalty deck and has a brig appointment, and Baltar mucking up the Loyalty deck and being voted Most Likely To Be Robotic.

Someone might as well pick Anders.

The Chief plus Garner might be an awesome thing. Bonus, he draws Leadership. Humm.